Finhaven - We're Hiring!

Rust Developer
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Finhaven creates opportunities for private investments involving certified investors world-wide. Finhaven matches issuers offering investment opportunities with investors holding available capital.

We facilitate investments around the globe while remaining compliant within each jurisdiction’s regulations for protecting investors, investments and issuers as recipients of those investments. Our pragmatic engineering mindset may be highlighted by the design principle, "Bend the tool, not the human."

Building upon contemporary technologies, use of a Blockchain for the ledger of our trading system remains an implementation detail-- not the focus.


You will be working directly with others who have deep backgrounds and experience within Wall Street, financial trading systems, data-flow software architectures and previously built/deployed high-performance systems that handled billions of requests per day, non-stop. In fin-tech, performance and reliability are as important as correctness,
so our robustness requirements are higher than conventional content platforms.

Required Skills

- 5+ years experience in a related field
- Expert in Rust, Go, C++, C, C#, F#, ObjC, Java, Python OR a Lisp dialect
- Expertise with Relational databases, PostgreSQL preferred
- Experienced with deploying to Google Cloud via Kubernetes and gcloud
- Familiar with Rust language, demonstrating basic idioms
- Experienced with Blockchain theory and practice is a plus
- The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of high scalability, data intensive pipelines, distributed applications


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